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Angel is a creative. She breathes fully custom wood master pieces to life for the delight of her clients. She makes anything from a wedding, to a birthday, or just an every day “I love you” extra special with her hand made touch.
Angel is affectionately known in her community as “Aunt Ang”, as her love and care has woven itself into the hearts of many around her. As “Aunt Ang” continues to build her grass roots business, she needed a branding service that would capture what her organization is, and will become, for her community.

Our branding mission sought to pull together her country roots, heavenly wood working talents, and community reputation all in one adorable mark. We needed to create a character that could grow to be as beloved in the community as Aunt Ang herself, and we found that in our deer logo mark. 

Like Angel’s wood working, we didn’t see a need compromise beauty for functionality. This logo is simple and clean while preserving the woodland feel that endears Aunt Ang to her clients. Full of joy, and wearing a halo as a nod to the founder Angel, our logo mark is celebrating every piece that Angel creates, and cherishing every special moment alongside her clients. 

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